Praise the Lord for Dr. Google

A few days ago, my three-year-old son came to me crying.  He was crying and picking at his nose, blubbering, “Somet’ing is ‘tuck in my nose!”  I then looked in his nose and could see that some sort of bead was stuck in his nose.  Before I could calm him down, he had pushed the bead up into his nose in an effort to get it out.  Furthermore, in his crying, he sniffed his nose on several occasions, further drawing the bead up into his nasal passage.  By the time I got some tweezers to try to grab the bead, it was far up into his nose so that I could barely even see it.

So, I asked Dr. Google to help.  He said that a doctor may try the following:  “She may have you cover your child’s mouth with your own and give a short, quick breath to dislodge the object as she closes one of your child’s nostrils.”

Coordinating with my wife, we tried it.  This worked!  After a few puffs, we could see the bead.  After a bit of rubbing on his nose, the bead came out.  Praise the Lord for Dr. Google.  It saved us a costly trip to the emergency room.  Furthermore, our son was happy to have the bead removed from his nose, … but not too happy.  The picture below tells it all.

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