Lessons from a Little Girl

My sister and her husband are foster parents to a five-year-old little girl. They have done so now for several years and are now this little girl’s legal guardian.

One day, this little girl was hungry and approached my sister as she was preparing dinner.  She asked my sister for something to eat. My sister told her, “No, you can’t have anything now, because it’s almost dinner time.”  Being hungry, this little girl blurted out, “You don’t care for me!” and began to pout and cry. Immediately, my sister began to think in her mind of all the ways that this simply wasn’t true. “What do you mean?  We have taken you into our home.  We have clothed you and fed you and provided medical care for you.  We have included you in our family, taken you on vacation and extended our love toward you in great measure. … And all this we have done without payment of any kind. If that’s not love, then what is?”

Then, it his my sister hard.  She said to me, “At that moment I realized that I so often respond this way to God. He has done so much for me, and yet, I often complain of His lack of care for me.”

May we all learn this lesson from this little girl and be aware of all the great blessings of God in our lives.

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