Living Their Dream?

I recently read a quote by David Powlison that I really appreciated. He said, “Secular counselors are powerless to create the community to sustain counsel. Pastors, you are living their dream.” I know what he means. He’s talking about a church community, filled with godly people, who can give godly counsel, naturally and helpfully, honestly and lovingly, to one another.

By God’s grace, we experience this at our church. Many counseling needs are met through various people in the church community, sometimes without even needing “the pastor.” It’s wonderful.

But now, my question. Do secular counselors really “dream” of an environment that fosters genuine growth, maturity, change to overcome their crises? Or does the lure of business profit ever tempt them to prescribe a slow path to recovery, and thus an ongoing “need” for counseling? Remember, they earn their living when people continue to come back to them for help again and again and again and again.

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