Freedom of Religion

I spent recently spent the morning of the National Day of Prayer at Slavic Gospel Association.  They are an organization committed to reaching the former Soviet Union with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  One of the prayer requests we prayed for was from some persecuted countries.  Here’s what they wrote (I’ve removed the names and the cities and the countries to protect their identity).

“We would like to extend our best wishes for Easter!  Christ is risen!!!

The library at the church was confiscated. They had been collecting their material for nearly 20 years. Several thousand single copies of spiritual literature were removed. The pastor and three other men from the church were taken to the administrative court and fined.

They are collecting material, which could possibly lead to criminal cases. They have prosecuted a number of other ministers from the local church.

Strict charges have been delivered by the Department of Justice, which could have serious consequences both from the pastor and for the church itself. They questioned the minister’s diploma of spiritual education, which could become an obstacle for the spiritual work in the fellowship churches.

The government is interfering in the internal work of the churches. There have been verbal notices to the ministers in charge about their spiritual authority.

We ask that you pray:
1. For peace and stability in the nation
2. For the defense of the churches from arbitrary and illegal attacks by the power structures.
3. For the defense and prayer support of the ministers and their families.
4. For preservation of the registration of churches. For the registration of churches, which do not currently have a registration.
5. For freedom of religion in the nation.
6. For fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ!

With brotherly Love …”

How different things are for us in the United States. Are you thankful for your freedom?

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