Hanging Around

I was recently talking with a man who travels frequently and preaches at many churches.  He made the comment of how at many churches, he slides to the back afterwards to shake the hands of people as they leave. He said that it is usually an assembly line from his handshake to the parking lot, where people immediately leave.  He was commenting how different this was than at his home church, where people hang around for quite a long time afterwards. This, by the way, has been our experience at Rock Valley Bible Church.  I frequently don’t leave church until an hour an a half after our services end.

This is totally unscientific, but I wonder if a helpful measurement to the quality of a church is the length of time that people remain after the services on Sunday. At any rate, it would be a helpful indication of the love the congregation has for one another.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Steve, I see very few of our people running for the doors at the conclusion of the service (unless its due to a weak bladder in older folks like me!). I love to hang out with “the fam” and see whats happening. If people have a desire to leave right away (other than for a roast in the oven or they are out of diapers) I think they are missing one of the best things about church-fellowship. Your humble elder-in-training, Phil

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