Perhaps you know someone famous, like a famous athlete or a politician or a wealthy business owner. Knowing these sorts of people might help to give you access to certain privileges. For instance, if you knew a major league baseball player, you might gain access to some free tickets. If you knew a wealthy business man, you might be able to get an interview with a CEO, which might help to land a job. If you knew an actor in Hollywood, you might be able to access behind the scenes on a movie set. Much depends upon who you know.

Now, when it comes to God, the big question in this life is this: who do you know? Who’s going to bring you to the Almighty? Who has the connections to bring you to God? Jesus Christ is the one who can bring us to God. First Timothy 2:5 tells us, “There is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” Through Jesus, we have access to God. His death has opened the door to heaven, that we might have fellowship with the Father!

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