I’m Just Like Them

I’ve spent a good portion of my week with some other pastors of other churches. We have been studying the book of Mark. It has been amazing to see how the disciples of Jesus just don’t get it. They saw Jesus feed thousands of people and then are worried because they forgot to bring bread on their trip (Mark 8:16-21). Jesus tells them that He is headed to Jerusalem to be killed and the disciples are talking about who is the greatest (Mark 9:33-34). They see Jesus heal the leper, raise a paralytic, calm the storm, walk on water, and grant sight to the blind. Yet, they all scatter from Jesus in His hour of greatest need (Mark 14:27-28).

Sigh, … I’m just like them.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Like Them

  1. Right on the mark. They had Jesus right there with them, walking beside them day after day and they didn’t get it. But we have the big picture, the long view. We can read not only the OT, but Jesus’ words in the NT and all the witnesses (Gospel and epistle writers) and their personal testimony about who He is and what He did and what it means and what He asks of us. Add to that all the people who have written book after book or spoken sermon after sermon expositing and explaining it all for us. And we still don’t get it — at least part of the time.

    I came to the conclusion a while ago that not only am I sometimes a clueless disciple, I am also all the other people in the NT (and some in the OT). At various times I find myself being a Pharisee who follows the rules for the rules sake, and not for the fact that the commandments are an expression of the character of the God who loves us and wants the best for us. At other times I find myself thinking thoughts that, if I spoke them out loud, would be the words of a Sadducee. I am alternately Simeon who recognizes the Savior has come into his life and that is enough to carry him to the end of his life, and I am the one who doesn’t press the matter hard enough and long enough when I meet someone who is opposed to Jesus and His Father and thus effectively become Peter in the high priest’s garden denying the Lord’s hold on my life. There are other examples as well.

    Conclusion: I cannot do this on my own. In the words of one of my Facebook friends religious profile statement — hopeless sinner saved by grace.

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