Cattle Call

I’ve seen it often enough.  There’s an opportunity for ministry.  Someone puts out a massive email to the church, expecting those in the church to come running.  But nobody comes.  Instead, they just look on.  This is “the cattle call.”  Those making the call are often discouraged, thinking that nobody in the church wants to serve.

But, the cattle call doesn’t work. … It’s a start. It lets everyone know of the need.  But in and of itself, it will merely summon a bunch of people to looking on and see what nobody is doing.  If you want others to join in the work, a personal invite is often needed.  Then, you will often find many willing to help.

In working through the gospel of Mark this week, I was struck that this was the way of Jesus.  When He chose His disciples, He personally invited them and called them to action.  “Jesus went up on the mountain and summoned those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him” (Mark 3:13).

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