Making Cookies

We are like the little girl who wants to make some cookies. She is too young to do things herself.  Her mother needs to help her. She needs help reading the recipe. She needs help finding the ingredients. She needs help measuring the right amounts. She needs help mixing the ingredients. She needs help placing the cookies on the cookie sheet. She needs help with the oven. She needs help in setting the timer. She needs help taking the cookies out of the oven. In the end, she says, “Look at the cookies that I made.”

Now, certainly, she made them, but it was mom, behind the scenes who gave direction and counsel and a helping hand wherever needed. So is our life, we go about working in our ministry, but all the while, God is “working in us that which is pleasing in His sight” (Hebrews 13:21).

3 thoughts on “Making Cookies

  1. So very true. I need God’s recipe (the bible) to show me the way I should go and how I should live. His word refines me and without it I would be lost. God bless you. May you have a wonderful peace filled day. Debb

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