He Duffed It

I recently went to a fund-raising golf tournament.  On one of the par 3 holes, the golf pro of the course greeted us with the following challenge.  He said, “It takes $5 to play.  I’ll hit my shot.  You hit your shot.  If you are on the green, you get your $5 back.  If you are on the green and inside my shot, you get $10.  If you are on the green inside 10 feet, you will get $20.”

All four of us paid our $5 and got in on the challenge. The golf pro then proceeds to hit his shot.  He duffed it!  It went way right, far from the green!  It was tremendously encouraging for all of us to see that even a golf pro hits bad shots.

I thought of how this is like when a spiritual leader confesses his sins. It’s encouraging to others to see that even those who are leading others spiritually are also sinners.  Perhaps this is why James said, “Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another” (James 5:16).  It’s encouraging to everyone.

Back to my story.  All we had to do was be on the green to double our money.  However, after four of us hit our shots, none of us were on the green. Oh well, … it was a fund-raiser.

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