Finding answers

Philosophy attempts to answer the most foundational questions of life:  why are we here on earth?  what is our purpose in life?  what happens after we die?  These are good questions.  However, what often happens when people read the philosophers is that they end up with far more questions than they began with.

Francis Schaeffer found something different in reading the Bible.  He wrote, “What rang the bell for me was the answers in Genesis, and that with these you had answers–real answers–and without these there were no answers either in philosophies or in the religion I had heard preached” (Edith Schaeffer, The Tapestry [Waco: Word Books, 1981], p. 52).

We are here because God created us.  We have fallen because of Adam’s sin.  Christ alone can restore us to God.  Francis Schaeffer believed these things and trusted in Christ, just by reading his Bible and finding the answers to life.

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