Below Your Means

I recently visited Fry’s–a wildly successful electronics superstore. Their inventory is huge. Their selection is huge. If it’s electronic, you can purchase it at the store.

Anyway, I was walking down one isle and happened upon an employee kiosk, which consisted of a desktop computer with a large, old monitor. My wife and I both commented how out of place it seemed in such an up-to-date sophisticated electronics story.

They could certainly afford to upgrade their computer, but haven’t. Perhaps this is one reason why they are so successful–they are living below their means.

This is one of the many principles that my father has taught me: “Live below your means.” I thought of how many need to learn this, including our government.

2 thoughts on “Below Your Means

  1. Makes sense to me. (And it shall continue to make sense to me in my personal finances.) But I didn’t attend Harvard (nor did you, Steve!). And I’ve never studied economics at the best schools. So perhaps I too am just an ignoramus. But even if so, I’m happily so. I’ve got a budget I always meet. And I’m sure you and your church do, too, Pastor.

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