We need the sun every day

Someone has joked, “The coldest winter that I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” San Francisco is cold because the weather patterns bring the fog off the San Francisco bay every day. This cloud cover hovers over the city all day.

My in-laws live in the San Ramon valley, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Each summer evening, the San Francisco fog comes up and over the mountains and into the San Ramon valley. However, as the sun arises, its heat burns off the fog on a daily basis (unlike in San Francisco). The weather in the valley is terrific in the summer! It’s cool and cloudy at night. It’s warm and sunny in the day.

Our souls are like houses in the San Ramon Valley. Each of us awaken each morning in a fog. We don’t see God clearly. We forget Jesus and the gospel. We need to burn away the fog in our hearts each and every morning. So, each morning, remind yourself of sins forgiven in the sacrifice of Jesus and let the realities of the good news help to burn away this fog each day.

We need the Son every day.

One thought on “We need the sun every day

  1. Thank you! Good appllication.

    Now when I see the fog spilling over Las Trampas Ridge in the morning and I’m cold,.instead of being in the “fog” of my complaining I can rermember what He’s done for me in the gospel..


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