Destroying the Chair

Of all of the Chronicles of Narnia that C. S. Lewis wrote, my favorite is The Silver Chair. I look forward to when it comes to film.

In the book we find Prince Rilian under the spell of the Lady of the Green Kirtle. She tells him how he goes into a rage every day for an hour. She has convinced him to sit in the Silver Chair each day during this hour, so that he cannot hurt himself. When the hour is completed, he is released from the chair, never remembering anything that happened during the hour. As it turns out, Prince Rilian is really in his right mind for the hour each day, while completely under the Lady’s spell during the rest of the day. The climax of the book comes when Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb and Puddleglum come and release him from the chair during his hour of “insanity.” Finally in his right mind, Rilian then destroys the chair, destroys the Lady, and is restored as the future king of Narnia.

Rilian and the chair is a great picture of our sin. When engrossed in sin, it’s as if we are under a spell. We will not be thinking clearly (even if we think that we are). We will often refuse the counsel of others, thinking others to be wrong. Such is the power of sin in our lives.

As a pastor I have seen it many times. People who used to be among us, begin to engage in sin. Where they once would agree that such behavior is wrong, they now willingly engage. My loving counsel to them to turn from their sin is not received well. They think that I (and others who love them enough to call them back) don’t understand. They think that they are the only ones who are thinking clearly. Actually, it’s just the opposite. They have gone “insane” and need to destroy the chair and know the forgiveness that Christ offers.

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