Clergy Not Welcome

Do you remember where were you when you learned that the World Trade Centers in New York were attacked on September 11th, 2001? I remember where I was. I was at my desk and my wife came and told me what happened. It proceeded to consume the rest of the day, as we watched the horrific images of the burning buildings and then the collapse of the towers. I suspect that most everyone old enough can remember what they did on that day.

Here are some follow up questions: do you remember what took place that evening? Congress spontaneously erupted in singing “God Bless America”! Many prayer meetings were held that evening. I was at one of them. Do you remember what happened over the next few days? People flooded into houses of worship in record numbers. Churches were full the next few Sundays.

How ironic is it that the current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided that there will be no clergy present on stage at the ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Is God good enough for a crisis, but not good enough for a ceremony of remembrance?

This is a good picture of how most people in our society view God. Oh, He’s good for a crisis. But, He’s not very good for regular life. But, if God isn’t good enough for regular life, how can He be good enough for the crisis?

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