In My Seat

Here’s a great video of Steve Scheibner, who was scheduled to be the pilot on American Airlines, Flight 11, which was the first airplane to crash into the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. The afternoon before the flight, his bags were packed for the trip and he was all prepared to fly the plane from Boston to Los Angeles. However, unknown to Scheibner, Tom McGuinness had bumped him off the trip. McGuinness was stabbed by the hijackers and died on that airplane.

Of these things, Scheibner says, “On national TV, … I saw where I should have died, but didn’t. … This is about the distinct privilege that I have been given to know that somebody died in my place. What I know is that somebody died in my place not once, but twice. … That was my seat that day. I should have sat in that seat. … But Tom didn’t die for my sins. You see, God sent His own Son to die for my sins. Jesus Christ was the other one who died in my place. And he hung and He bled and he suffered on a cross to pay a price for me. … One guy sat in a seat I should have sat in. The other hung and bled on a cross. One is far more significant than the other. That’s not to trivialize what happened to Tom. It’s to elevate and glorify what God did for me and for mankind on the cross.”

5 thoughts on “In My Seat

  1. I’ve seen so many 9/11 stories over the years but rarely one glorifying God. I know God is at work in all things and I knew there had to be some somewhere. Just yesterday I wondered aloud where the God-glorifying 9/11 stories were. And here is your post today 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have shared this with friends on FB praying that some will be saved through this video. Thank you for this Christ honoring video in remembrance of those who so innocently died on that 9/11

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  4. hi …for some reason my computer does not let me see this video. Is there any way you can send me a full text of what the pilot says ? Thank you.

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