Halloween decorations

I’ve been around the world and have seen some strange holiday celebrations. For instance, one such celebration is Holi, which is celebrated in Hindu lands. Friends throw colored chalk and water on each other. I’m sure that those who celebrate it have much fun, but it seems to be a bit dirty and unpleasant to me.

I passed a house in our neighborhood yesterday that was covered with Halloween decorations (more than a month before October 31st). I thought about the way that someone from another country would look at our celebration of Halloween. Surely, they would see much of it as something very strange … hanging ghosts and skeletons from your trees; placing large, creepy spiders on your house; and placing tombstones labeled “R. I. P.” in your yard.

Now, I know that many children have innocent fun in dressing up and getting candy from neighbors. I’m fine with that. But the entire aroma of celebrating death and demons is too much for me. I want to celebrate life and the gift of life through faith in Jesus Christ.

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