Somebody Is Always Watching

I recently received a Facebook message from one of my “friends.” I haven’t seen her in more than a dozen years. And yet, here’s what she writes, …

My goodness your family has multiplied and grown in size! What a blessing to see them so grown. My husband and I are expecting a child in February. I was telling him just the other day about the first time I met you both and your two oldest children!

We currently live on a seminary campus and he laments about the misbehaving children and wonders how our child has a chance. I remembered how much I always enjoyed being around your children because they were still children, but they were respective and knowledgeable. I remember the play area downstairs made out of cardboard and they genuinely loved the simple things.

This may seem random, but how do you do that? How do you raise well-behaving, respectful children? I don’t have a background of well behaving respectful people let alone children, so I would appreciate any insight you may be able to give me. I do apologize that this is random after all this time, but I keep thinking about watching you four interact all those years ago.

I appreciate her kind words about our family.  By God’s grace, our children continue to be a joy to our souls. Tomorrow I’ll share my reply to her question.

But, my point today is that you never know who’s watching your life.  Your impact will often be unknown to you (for good or for bad).  Keeping Proverbs 15:3 in mind will help us all, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good.”


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