Flash Cards

My eight year-old daughter is in the stage of learning her math flash cards. Knowing them cold will be key to helping her with her math later on. If she is slow and struggles with her math facts, all of her math will be difficult.

The Christian life is much the same. There are things that we need to know cold to live a healthy Christian life. If we are slow to believe these things, we will struggle in our walk. Here are only a few of the facts we need to know.

– God is our creator.
– God is good.
– We all are sinful.
– We are under God’s wrath because of our sin.
– Jesus died to absorb God’s wrath for those who believe.
– He rose from the dead to show His victory over sin and death.
– There is no condemnation for those who believe.

How well do you know these facts?


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