You didn’t act like a pastor today

I recently went to a football game with a father and his ten year-old son. We enjoyed the game. We enjoyed our peanuts and popcorn and pop. Our team won easily. We enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, we were on our way home, and the son commented on my behavior during the game. He said, “You didn’t act like a pastor today.”

I started reviewing my behavior during the game, thinking that there was something that was unbecoming of my call as a pastor. I didn’t swear. I didn’t yell at the referees. I did cheer loudly on a few occasions. But, I didn’t really think that anything was out of line or inconsistent with being a pastor of a church.  So, I asked him what he meant by this comment. He said, “Normally, you are in charge of everything at church. But, today you were a regular guy. You were just one of the crowd.”

I was greatly encouraged by his clarification, because that’s who I am. I’m a regular guy!  I just happen to have the privilege of being in a position of spiritual leadership. That’s why I don’t insist on others calling me “Pastor Steve.”  Calling me, “Steve” is fine with me, because I’m just a regular guy.

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