Receiving the Bible for the First Time

On March 16, 2010, the Kimyal Tribe of Papua, Indonesia received the first shipments of the New Testament in their own language. The above video shows the celebration that ensued when they received the Bible.

When the plane landed, there was dancing and singing and rejoicing! Many were in tears of joy that God’s word had finally come into their land. When the boxes of Bibles began to be taken out of the plane, the tribe quieted down and one of the the pastors prayed the following prayer, …

O God, O God!
The plan which you had from the beginning, regarding your Kimyals, which already existed in your Spirit.
The month that you had set, the day that you had set, has come to pass today.
O my Father, my Father!
The promise that you gave Simeon that he would see Jesus Christ and hold Him in his arm before he died.
I also have been waiting under that same promise, O God. You looked at all the difference languages and chose which ones will be put into Your Word.
You thought that we should see Your Word in our language.
Today, the day you had chosen for this to be fulfilled, has come to pass.
O God, today, you have placed Your Word into my hands, just like you promised.
You have placed it here in our land.
And for all this, O God, I give You praise!  Amen!

They then proceeded to walk down the airstrip and into their village, carrying the Bibles into their village. During this time, weeping and wailing had increased to full pandemonium, as people sang and danced and celebrated with each other that they now had the New Testament in their own language!

Do you realize what you hold in your hands when you read your Bible?

(If you are interested in seeing the entire 30 minute documentary on this promise, click on the following four videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).

(Here is a first-hand account of someone who was there to film the documentary).

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