Showing Love

For many years our children have asked me if they could have a dog. I told them no. I have given then reasons why: our life is busy enough as it is, without a dog; a dog will require more cleaning around the house; a dog will restrict us in our freedom to leave home for long periods of time (or even days for a short trip); finally, a dog is a lot of responsibility. Even though I have said, “No,” the requests have continued to be made to me. My stance has become quite public as my children have shared it with their friends or with people at church.

My oldest two children have seemed fine with my constant refusal to get a dog. But, my 12 year old daughter was never content with my answer. She looks at the ads in the newspaper every day, looking for a nice dog to purchase. She also looks up pets for sale on craigslist on a daily basis. Well, her constant requests and her clear passion to have a dog finally wore me down. I gave in. We purchased a Maltese Bichon puppy a few days ago.

It’s my way of showing love to my daughter.

3 thoughts on “Showing Love

  1. Steve,

    I’m so glad you said yes!! I’m looking fowrward to meeting Autumn after Christmas. Hanna is like the woman who pleaded over & over to the unjudge until she wore him out and he said yes. Lk 18: 3-5.

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