He tried only once

It has been said that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different ways to get an electric light bulb to work well enough to be used economically by the masses. Whether or not the actual number is accurate or not, we don’t know, but we do knot that he tried many, many times to perfect his light bulb (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison).

Contrast this with God, who created the world in one try. When He spoke, He brought all of the laws of physics and chemistry into being (such as gravity, electro-magnetic forces, nuclear forces, protons, electrons, and the chemical elements). When God spoke, He brought plant life into existence (including things such as plant tissue, photosynthesis, respiration, and cellular structures). When God spoke, He brought animals into being (which included designing muscular systems, nervous systems, cardiovascular systems, and DNA).

God didn’t try to do this 10,000 times until it all worked. He tried only once. You can read about it in Genesis 1.

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