One Way Justice

None of us like it when we are treated unfairly. We are disappointed when we deserved the promotion, but it went to another co-worker. We get angry at the driver who ran a red light and wish that a policeman was around to catch the reckless driver. We get upset when we get blamed for something that we didn’t do. At these moments, we feel violated and want justice.

But, have you ever noticed that your sense of justice usually goes only one way? What I mean is that you don’t often get upset when things unfairly go your way. When you get the promotion over a well-deserving co-worker, you are normally elated. When you run the red like, you are thankful that there were no police to see what you did. When you mess up and receive no blame, you feel fortunate.

Why aren’t you crying for justice at these moments? Because your sense of justice goes only one way.

The cross of Christ is justice averted. When Jesus was crucified upon the cross, He was dying for our sins! It was Jesus, who knew no sin, who became sin for us. Rather than receiving the wages of our sin, which is death, we receive the grace of eternal life, which He earned for us. (See Romans 6:23 and 2 Corinthians 5:21).

This grace can be yours. You simply need to trust in Christ.

2 thoughts on “One Way Justice

  1. Thanks, Steve, for your blog on “Injustice”…It really struck home for me. How often I’ve been guilty of exactly what you were talking about in the blog!! It reminded me that I am far from purified, and that I will always need more “molding” and character building by our Lord. Praise God, for the sacrifice of His Son on the Cross so that I can be the honored recipient of His mercy and grace. Without it, I would be lost….

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