Which came first?

Often you hear the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” For Evolutionists, the answer is much debated, because they don’t really know. But, for Bible-believing people, the answer is quite simple: the chicken came first. God created the fish and birds on the fifth day of creation. See Genesis 1.

But, today I want to ask you another “which came first” question. Which came first, “life or matter.” Again, there is a difference of opinion. It all flows from your world view. Evolutionists believe that the matter of the universe came first. Then, life evolved from all the stuff in the universe. Big questions linger here. How did the matter of the universe get here in the first place? How did life spontaneously begin? With all of our research and devoted effort, we have never been able to form life out of non-life.

However, the Christian view is entirely opposite. Life came first. John 1:4, “In Him was life.” Life was in God. He spoke the universe into existence and then infused life into our planet. The big questions aren’t quite a problem with this view. We don’t have a problem with the origin of the universe or of life–it all began with God. The big question concerns God: how did He begin? Perhaps we’ll know in eternity.

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