Jotham’s Journey

This advent season our family read through a book entitled, “Jotham’s Journey.”  It’s an Advent Devotional that helps to prepare your heart for Christmas. We have read through it before, but it still remains good each time we read it.

The book is an historical fiction account of a young boy named Jotham, who is separated from his family near the time of Christ’s birth.  In his search for his family, he travels all over Judea, meeting up with such people as Zacharias and Elizabeth, Anna and Simeon, and even the Magi from the east.  (I won’t tell you how it ends so as to spoil the story).

There is a reading for each day, which can often be read in 10-15 minutes.  More often than not, the reading sections end with a cliff-hanger, something that always makes our children want to read again tomorrow. At the end of each section, there is a point of application from something that happened in the story, which directs our attention upon the birth of Christ.

Next year, we plan to read through a sequel entitled, “Tabitha’s Travels.”  You can find out more about these books here if you are interested in an easy way to focus your hearts upon the Lord next Christmas season.

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