Keeping Holiday

Our family just finished reading “Keeping Holiday” together out loud. It is a delightful story about two children, Dylan and Claire, searching for the Founder of the city, Holiday, so that they can be authorized to stay there permanently. Along the way, they encounter speaking animals and plants, which guide them in the right way. They also face some temptation to turn away. Justin Taylor said it well, “The genre is something of a cross between Pilgrim’s Progress and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”

In their quest to find the Founder, the children learn about the Founder, like the fact that you don’t find the Founder, but he finds you. As they learn more and more, they come to desire the Founder more and more than the city, which is exactly as how it should be.

It’s a great story for all ages. I recommend it.

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