“It Sounds Like a Koala”

I love the story of the Australian Sunday School teacher who felt like she was losing the children in her class.  So, one Sunday morning, she same and asked the five-year-olds, “Who can tell me what is gray and furry and lives in a eucalyptus tree?”  The children were surprised at the question and unable to know how to answer.  So, the teacher said, “Come on, someone must know.  What is gray, furry, lives in a eucalyptus tree–has a black leathery nose and beady eyes?”  When none of the children answered, she again repeated, “It lives in a eucalyptus tree; eats leaves; it has big beady eyes and furry ears.”  Finally, one of the children hesitantly raised her hand into the air.  With joy, the teacher called on the little girl, who said, “I know it’s Jesus, but it sounds like a Koala!” (Taken directly from the Introduction of Graeme Goldsworthy’s book, “Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture”).

The story is humorous, but it tells a lot about the Bible.  Jesus is focus of every story that we tell.  Jesus is the answer to every problem that we face. Seek Him!

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