Marriage Vows

The following poem was written by Bertil Swanson for his wedding day on March 1, 1941 to Ella Seagren.  His heart is worthy of following. Their marriage lasted 58 years.

We make our vows to walk life’s path together,
To  henceforth share what life may hold in store,
Of joy and health, of sickness, pain, or pleasure,
Until at last this fleeting life is o’er.

Dear Lord, we pray, walk thou each step beside us
And make thy word a lamp unto our feet.
In every test and trial, teach and guide us
To bring our problems to the mercy seat.

If children come to join this holy union,
May we to them a good example be,
That they may early learn to walk with Jesus
And consecrate their hearts and lives to thee

When passing years have turned our locks to silver,
When wrinkles show and weary seems the way,
May we in tender love regard the other,
And still recall the vows we make today.

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