The Batphone

As a child I remember watching the television show, “Batman” starring Adam West as Batman. The plot was almost always the same. Trouble was brewing in Gotham City in the form of a notorious criminal, like the Joker or the Riddler or Catwoman. Chief O’Hara and Commissioner Gordon were at their wits end as to how to stop to criminal. So, they would call Batman, who would come and save the day and put their villain behind bars.

I particularly remember the Batphone. It was a red phone, kept underneath a glass cover in Commissioner Gordon’s office. The phone had one button on it, which connected the commissioner to Bruce Wayne’s home (alias, Batman). The phone was the only way for Gotham City to be saved from their problems.

The Batphone is a good illustration of how we can solve our problems. In and of ourselves, we are often powerless. We need God’s help. Our Batphone is called prayer. It is direct communication between us and God. Prayer can do many things. A prayer can save us from our sins. A prayer can guide us in trouble. A prayer can supply our daily needs. A prayer can keep us from temptation. A prayer can deliver us from evil.

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