I have some friends who absolutely love fishing. They love getting up early in the morning and going to their favorite fishing spots and spending hours casting their hook into the water, in hopes of landing the big one. I have friends who will take special trips for many days to go to places where they know that the fishing is good. I knew one man who told me that he goes fishing every Saturday of the year. In the summer it meant out on in boat on the water someplace. In the winter it meant in a temporary shelter on the lake while ice fishing.

When Jesus called His first disciples (who were fishermen), He told them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men” (Mark 1:17). These men knew fishing.  They knew that it was hard word and that it took a great deal of effort to lure the fish into the net.  Jesus took everything that they knew about fishing and told them that they would soon be fishing for men, bringing men into the kingdom. Many parallels exist.  Fishing for men is hard work and it takes much effort to bring people into the kingdom. But, that’s what Jesus calls His followers to do.

Now, unlike fishing, you can’t take people into the kingdom by force.  You need to speak with them of Christ and His sacrifice for sins. You need to show them through your life the genuine joy that comes through living for another world, despite the troubles and hardships of life. You need to love them and pray for them. You need to trust God to reveal Himself to them.

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