She Got the Part!

Several of my children are in the midst of performing the play, “Beauty and the Beast,” with Christian Youth Theater, a theater program for children ages 8-18. They have twelve performances over the next two weeks.

My youngest daughter’s dream is to be Belle, the beauty, who learns to love the beast. However, since this is her first play that she has ever done, and since she is only eight years old, she knew that she would never get the part. She’s hoping for another opportunity in the next decade.

Here’s the cool part. After casting the show and working through many weeks of rehearsal, the directors decided that they would like to open the show in real life with a father and a young daughter. Since my daughter is one of the smallest girls in the show, she was selected to be the little girl.

The little girl will come with a book in her hand (Beauty and the Beast), which she requests the father to read to her before bedtime. Then, the show fades into fantasy land as the play is performed.

The final scene of the show comes back to the father and the daughter. Here’s their dialogue:

Isabelle: Oh Papa, I love that story

Dad: Papa is it now?

Isabelle: Is that OK? (With a shy tilted smile) If I call you Papa?

Dad: Sure sweetie that’s just fine. … Off to bed we go Isabelle.

(Taking Isabelle by the hand and heading to a stage left exit)

Isabelle: Papa, … it’s just “Belle” now.

Dad: (With a knowing chuckle) So it is. … Come on then BELLE, it’s off to bed with you my BEAUTY.

So, my daughter did get the part of Belle after all!


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