The Real Harm

Paul Miller tells a great story of how God protected he and his wife from harm. When his wife, Jill, was pregnant, Psalm 121 was her prayer. Over and over again, the Psalm speaks about how “The Lord is your keeper. … The Lord will protect you from all evil. He will keep your soul. The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in.”

When Kim was born, there were problems from the start. She was highly disabled. She had problems breathing. Her muscles didn’t develop right. She didn’t speak until her 20’s. And yet, God used Kim to drive Paul and Jill to God and into ministry.

In his excellent book, “A Praying Life,” Paul explains how he finally understood how God answered Jill’s prayer.

Years later when Kim was about twenty, I was sitting at the dining room table writing a Bible study on Psalm 121 that i was going to teach to our small group. I had forgotten about Jill’s Psalm 121 prayer.

I looked up from the table and said, “Jill, God did it. He kept us from all harm. He did Psalm 121.” We had thought the harm was a daughter with disabilities, but this was nothing compared to the danger of two proud and willful parents. Because Kim was mute, Jill and I learned to listen. Her helplessness taught us to become helpless, too.

Kim brought Jesus into our home. Jill and I could no longer do life on our own. We needed Jesus to get from one end of the day to the other. We’d asked for a loaf of bread, and instead of giving us a stone, our Father had spread a feast for us in the wilderness” (Paul Miller, A Praying Life [Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2009], 187).

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