You Will Want Us To Come

Our church is actively involved in serving those in an assisted living retirement community. A couple times each year, some of the children of our church come and quote poems and Bible verses to the residents.  They will often play instruments or sing as well.  We call this event, “Oratorio.” Afterwards, the parents who come have an opportunity to mix and mingle with the residents. Often the discussion revolves around church, as we are there representing our church.  Sometimes, the discussion moves further to speak of the gospel with the residents. It’s a great time.

We also have several men who come and conduct their chapel services for them. The residents are shut-ins who cannot get to church on their own.  So, our men come to serve them by singing they hymns of the faith with them and opening the Scriptures for them. The residents are very appreciative of those who come.

Recently, the thought came into my mind that we are merely fulfilling the golden rule:  “Treat people the same way that you want them to treat you” (Matthew 7:12). I imagine that if ever you are old and lonely and are in an assisted-living facility, you will want us to come and visit you.

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