A Plan for Counseling

When people come to me for counsel regarding their struggles in life, I often follow a simple, three-fold plan that a wise pastor once taught me.

1. Help them see their sin in the situation.
2. Show how Christ is powerful to help them overcome the sin.
3. Pray with them, seeking the Holy Spirit’s help in their life.

4 thoughts on “A Plan for Counseling

  1. What about the part that isn’t sin? Is it always sin when there is struggle, etc.? I’m not asking in a argumentative/esoteric way. I would really like to know what you think. (p.s. I am being counseling right now and I am trying to discern what part is sin and what part is human frailty and what part is ignorance/poor thinking.)

  2. Surely there are situations when sin isn’t involved (i.e. financial counseling, advice on schooling choice, guidance on how to go about something). In those cases, simple wisdom is needed. I guess I wasn’t thinking about that sort of counseling.

  3. It does seem crazy complex how much of even needing more wisdom kind of counseling issues are so laced through with sin. It is difficult to “tease” out of situations which is which. It would be easier to just “knife” the sin — repent and obey — and move on with right action, right thinking, right feeling. Anyway, thank you for your musings and counseling those who seek it. (-: Say “hi” to Yvonne for me!

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