Mission Statement

I once heard a pastor speak of his experiences at a vacation spot. I’m not quite sure where he was. But, I believe that he was at some sort of hotel or resort. Somehow, while at the resort, he was told that every employee in the organization knows exactly what the company’s mission is. They work very hard to train their employees to know these things. It matters not whether the employee is a maid or a cook or a waitress or a manager or the CEO of the organization, the claim was that every employee can tell you what the mission of the company is.

And so, he told us, he tested it. Sure enough, as he engaged in conversations with several people in the organization, every one of them was able to communicate with him the mission of their organization. He said that it really helped everyone in the organization work together toward a common goal. And then, he turned to us pastors and said, “How well do the people of your church know what the mission of your church is?” Do you know the mission of your church?

Here’s what we say at Rock Valley Bible Church, “We exist to enjoy His grace and to extend His glory.” In other words, we exist to find great joy in what Jesus did for us in the cross–forgiving us all of our transgressions. Our delight, then, drives us to share this with others, thereby extending the glory of God.

I hope that those at our church know this.


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