Around our area of the country, it’s dandelion season. These little plants crop up all over the place, showing forth their yellow petals. Soon, however, they turn white and the wind casts their seeds far and wide to germinate in some one else’s lawn. Dandelions are difficult to remove. If you merely rip the plant from the ground, the root will regenerate a new flower. You either need to take the plant, root and all, or need to apply poison.

Sin is a lot like dandelions. Initially, when sin sprouts, it appears to be quite harmless. But, soon, the effect of sin spreads to others. A father’s sin will affect his children. A friend’s sin will affect his friends. Furthermore, sin is difficult to remove. Attempting merely to stop behavior will often result in further sin cropping up. The only way to kill sin is to strike it at it’s root. That’s what Jesus did.

“The Lord Jesus … gave Himself for our sins” (Galatians 1:3-4). His death was poison to our sin. Praise be to God.

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