Wanting to Give

My five year-old son has another friend who turned five years old today. We purchased a little present for his friend. My son was so excited to give him the present that he carried the present around the house and repeatedly asked, “When can I give it to him? When can I give it to him? When can I give it to him?” Our son’s questions were so overwhelming that we finally had to put the present away, so that the barrage would stop.

As I reflected upon my son’s desire to give, I thought how this ought to reflect our heart as well. We ought to be desirous to give, especially when we know that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). We ought to see the greater blessing. So, develop a heart that wants to give.


2 thoughts on “Wanting to Give

  1. This is really a sweet lesson for all of us to embrace. I read a few times in the scriptures where
    it refered to a truth “and a little child shall lead them.” This is a good example of God trying to
    lead/teach us with the help of children. Higher education does not always come from college

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