You Will Lose!


We live in Illinois. Grandma and Grandpa live in California. So, we make consistent trips to see them each summer. It’s a long drive on I-80, but a pretty drive as we see our beautiful country.

Along the way, we pass through Reno, Nevada. The skyline of the city is dotted with towering hotels and casinos. Their shear size is amazing; their glory is spectacular. But where did they come from? How have they come to be so nice?

Much of their revenue has come from those who gamble in their casinos. To be more precise, the beautiful buildings have been built by the losses of those who have gambled in their casinos. For when the gambler loses, the casino wins. It should be a lesson for all who walk into a casino to gamble: “Your losses have funded our grand buildings!”

The lure of gambling is that sometimes you win. But the glitz and glamour of the casinos should teach you that most will lose. And over time, if you gamble a lot, you will certainly lose. It’s how the gambling industry works.

Thus, the lesson of the nice casino buildings is this: “Enter this place and you will lose!” My counsel for you is to stay away, unless, of course, you want to lose your money and donate to the casino building fund.

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