Sprinkling vs. Immersion

This Sunday I talked about baptism in my sermon. I told the (fictitious) story of the discussion between the Presyterian (who believes in sprinkling infants) and the Baptist (who believes in dunking adults). They were debating the merits of sprinkling vs. immersion.

The Presbyterian said, “Tell me this. You’re a Baptist. If a man goes into the water up to his knees, is he baptized?”
The Baptist said “No, he is not.”
“Well if he goes in up to his waist, is he baptized?”
“Of course not.”
“If he goes in up to his shoulders?”
“Not yet.”
“Well, suppose he goes in clear up to the top of his head, is he baptized then?”
“Yes!” the Baptist said.
“Ah,” said the Presbyterian, “you see, it’s the water on top of the head that counts!”