Who have we become

My daughter (Hanna) wrote the following poem. It gives some insight into some of the social effects that COVID-19 has brought on us. Enjoy!


The phrase ‘social gathering’ 
Has been replaced by ‘social distancing’

It used to be a hug by which we would greet, 
But that has been replaced by staying apart six feet. 

The saying “the more the merrier” 
Has turned into “you could be a carrier.” 

We used to welcome each other with a smile, 
Which has been covered up by our masked lifestyle. 

The foundation of a relationship is conversations; 
Which are now muffled due to our regulations. 
What happened to our need for community? 
I guess it got lost in the search for immunity. 

What happened to our need to socialize? 
What happened to our ability to empathize? 

Our communication skills are nonexistent. 
And our friends have been so distant. 

The house once full of people has gone missing. 
I guess it’s just our new standard of living. 

Through all of this, we go on existing. 
The count of deaths came in, 
At an increasing 2 million. 

What that count fails to include, 
Is the number of people dying of solitude. 

As well as those who have become depressed,
Which has yet to be addressed. 

I’m sorry, but sound that I hate to hear, 
Is the sound of silence of no one there. 

But alas, everyone has their own opinions, 
Which has caused heart-breaking divisions.
I hope that we learn from this,
and that we will not miss, 

That one of the most important things
Is the joy that friendship brings. 

You see, I need you, and you need me,
Because that’s how we were made to be. 

I realize now more than ever, 
The joys of being together.