Do Not Call

In recent days, our family has received several phone calls wanting us to take part in surveys.  Yesterday, after receiving the promise that the survey would take no longer than five minutes, I obliged and answered the questions.  When I received yet another call today, I politely said that I didn’t have the time for the survey right now.  The woman on the other end then asked, “When would be a better time for you?”  I calmly said, “Never.” … There was a long pause as she seemed stunned.  Finally, she said, “Goodbye.”  Isn’t this the point of

Many put God on their “Do Not Call” list.  They don’t want to give God a hearing, … ever.  Sadly, this was the case with Israel.  “They did not obey the voice of the LORD their God, but transgressed His covenant, even all that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded; they would neither listen nor do it” (2 Kings 18:12).  Therefore, they were destroyed by Assyria (2 Kings 18:11). Those who refuse to listen to God will suffer a similar fate.  So, listen to Him (Matthew 17:5).


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